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With a simple sample, your genes can reveal your risk factors when it comes to...

The genetic test was much easier to use and understand than other services. I’ve found the advice really helpful and definitely feel more confident to make the right diet and lifestyle choices for my health
— Melissa Serter, Senior Director Vice Media

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Why do a genetic test?

Variations in our genes make us all unique. 

These variations cause changes in characteristics which impact the way we eat, exercise and live. 

Our scientists create tests that look at specific sets  of genes and report back insights that can help you make the better choices - as well as reducing health risks in the future. 

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The first genetic + blood test available in the UK

Our health is determined by both our genes and our lifestyle.

Your genes can affect the way your body metabolises nutrients and protects against stress, while your bloods show the actual impact of your current lifestyle.

Our scientists and doctors have designed health checks that combine genetic and blood tests to help identify potential genetic traits that could be affecting your health and report back with personalised advice.