Genetics with Bloods

Genetics with Bloods


Our blood tests give you a snapshot of how your current diet and lifestyle is impacting your health right now. In traditional healthcare, you only get blood tests when you are already unwell and never when you are healthy. Nell’s blood tests enable you to be preventative, not reactive and discover any potential problems before they impact your health.

We have a friendly team of expert phlebotomists who take the samples at a time and place that suits you. Our blood tests range from the flagship Full Fusion, which looks at all the most important health biomarkers, to more focused tests, depending on your health goal. The choice is yours but with every test, discover more insights about your health and be a healthier you!

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How it works


We will book an appointment for you to visit our specialist partner clinic in central London to quickly and safely take your blood sample.


Receive your results 2 weeks after you have your blood sample taken. We will keep you updated at every stage of the process by email.


Every blood test included a follow-up consultation with one of our GPs to talk through your results.