Aerobic Capacity

Aerobic Capacity

The body needs more oxygen when exercising because of the higher rate of aerobic respiration. VO2 max is used to measure the maximum or optimum rate at which an individual’s body can effectively use oxygen during exercise. It is commonly used as a way of measuring a person’s individual aerobic ability. Aerobic ability is determined by a combination of lifestyle and genetic factors.

What is the ADRB2 gene?

The ADRB2 gene encodes a receptor that interacts with the hormone adrenaline to initiate a number of pathways, including smooth muscle relaxation and bronchodilation. It also helps regulate energy expenditure and fat metabolism in tissues.

What is the effect of genetic variation in the ADRB2 gene?

Individuals with no SNP have a significantly lower maximal O2 consumption and therefore lower aerobic capacity than individuals with two alleles. This occurs because the presence of an allele affects the cardiac left ventricular function. There is a significantly greater increase in heart rate and blood pressure in response to exercise, resulting in higher performance because of increased VO2 max.

What is VO2 max?

VO2 max is the maximum or optimum rate at which the heart, lungs and muscles can effectively use oxygen during exercise. It is often used as a way to measure a person's individual aerobic capacity.

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