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At Nell we believe no body is ordinary, so who you are makes you better at what you do.

A little about us.

Our goal is to provide exercise and lifestyle advice based on an individual’s body data. We are a small and fast growing team with a vibrant culture and work with people who really love what they are doing. Nell is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer and are committed to creating an inclusive working environment and celebrate diversity within the team. Working in a start up can be like on a roller coaster ride, everyday is different so we bring as much fun as we can to the work environment.

Benefits of working with Nell

To insure your able to produce your best work, we make sure you recieve the best benefits


Flexibility ⏰

  • We understand sometimes life can take over, so at Nell we try to be as flexible as we can which suits both your team and you.

  • We currently do have two lovely offices that you can work from, however if sometimes you feel like you will do your best work from your own home that is also fine!

Nell Community 👥

  • You will receive free lunch on Thursdays and Friday provided by our partners Founders Factory

  • Whole range of different beverages including soft drinks and coffee

  • Regular Socials including drinks, dinners and fun activities

Salary & Pensions 💸

  • We believe we offer all our employees a very competitive salary

  • We also contribute towards your pensions which you can opt out from anytime you like

Your Health and Wellbeing 🏥

  • We always have fresh fruit in the Office for all our Nell employees.

  • Find out more about your body with the Nell test at no extra cost


Want to hear more?

Read about the experience some of our Interns had at Nell.


“I looked forward to going to work every morning”

I loved my time at Nell! Not only do you learn a huge amount in a short space of time and get given responsibility from day one, you also get to work with an amazing team. I think it’s incredibly unique that the c suite really care about you as an individual and your own personal growth and development. I looked forward to going to work every morning and it felt amazing to know that I was helping to create something special!
— Emily - Science Intern
Whilst working for Nell, I never felt a sense of hierarchy. Every team member is treated with equal respect and given a voice in the company. There is a strong team spirit at Nell, largely due to the team outings and bonding sessions which are strongly encouraged. I felt extremely motivated to work with the rest of the team and there was always strong communication between us.Although certain information would seem exciting for customers to know, Nell is always transparent and only reports on what is completely backed by sound science.
— Georgina - Science Intern

“I never felt a sense of hierarchy”


“The Nell work environment is dynamic”

My internship at Nell was a great learning experience for me - I especially enjoyed working with different members of the team on different projects. The Nell work environment is dynamic and engaging, a place where I learned a lot and has a lot to offer the industry.
— Theana - Science Intern
My time at Nell was an unbelievable experience, I really didn’t know what to expect going into my first job after graduation. However the incredible team at Nell made me feel at ease and were always available if I needed support, whether it was job related or personal. A big thank you to the Nell team for the experience I received from this amazing program.
— Rifat - Business Operations Intern

“Nell made me feel at ease”

Current Openings

We are always on the lookout for talented and passionate individuals to join our growing team. You will have the opportunity to do what you love, and develop any aspects you're interested in. If you think you've got the skills and spice to be part of our amazing team, please email us your CV to